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Everything we carry is made in the USA, mostly in the Bay Area, by artists and indie brands.

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Los Angeles, CA
Founder: Queenie

The Ænon’s approach grew out of a desire to create a line of skin care in keeping with the tenets of minimalism, from the purity and quantity of our ingredients to the simplicity of our packaging and design. 

You deserve to know what you're putting on your skin, which is why we only use the best vegetable oils, botanical extracts, vegetable-derived compounds, natural clays, and paraben-free preservatives.

"The more I learned about the ingredients used in most beauty products, the less I wanted to use them. My search for natural alternatives led me to the study of folk medicine and herbalism, approaches that I use today in the construction of Aenon's line of minimal, versatile and honest beauty products."

Walnut Creek, CA
Founder: Adrianna

My one of a kind (and small batch) jewelry is handmade with intention, imagination & love in my home (on my little handmade desk).

Since I was a young child, creating with my hands has taken many forms. I was always bringing home something new and my mother was always finding a place to display it. As an adult, I still enjoy working with new media and learning different crafts. Some of my favorites are sewing, watercolor during camping trips, collecting driftwood to create mobiles, and building things for our home. Regardless and most importantly, I have fun.

Sonoma, CA
Founder: Seana

Amano Studio is a small, woman owned jewelry brand and production studio based in Sonoma California in the Valley of the Moon. Founder and designer, Seana Pedelaborde, is a 23 year veteran of the fashion and gift market. Amano (by hand in Spanish) began as a Fair Trade Mexican import company. Today Amano Studio Jewelry is handcrafted in California brand with an emphasis on quality materials and affordability. Our business manifesto is as follows: 1. People before profit. 2. Buy American. 3. Love your Mother Earth. 4. Give Back, always Give Back. Want all the details? Visit our retail website for the long form version of our manifesto and Viva la Revolución!

Pasadena, CA
Founder: Carrie

I'm Carrie Howe Hersom, the gal behind the presses at Anemone Letterpress, a small greeting cards and paper goods company I run with my husband, Wally. We're both native Californians and can't think of many places as wonderful and diverse to call home. I attended Otis, College of Art and Design and though my BFA was in Fashion Design, I ended up falling in love with letterpress. I started this little company in 2007 with Wally joining me a few years in. We work out of a small, sunny studio in Pasadena and 99% of our goods are produced 100% in-house by us.

When we're not keeping busy with all things Anemone Letterpress, we like to spend our free time traveling, working on our 100+ year old house, hiking, and with friends.

San Francisco, CA
Founders: Tim & Spencer

Nature has been our greatest medicine and we are grateful to call the Bay Area home. We have this saying that Bathing Culture is “Made Under the Supervision of Mt. Tamalpias.” That everything we make and do is in respect to the beauty and preservation of the earth, as if the mountains are watching. The experiences of dipping into the oceans and forests of Northern California made conservationists out of us. We hope that Bathing Culture brings people closer to nature wherever they are.

Broadway, VA
Founders: Rheba & Joe

Bay Pottery is a family owned business located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Virginia tucked away among the Blue Ridge Mountains. The business was started by Joseph and Rheba McMichael back in the late 60's during the arts movement of the time. Rheba would throw pottery in the basement of their house on the Chesapeake Bay and her husband Joseph would delicately hand paint each piece. Rheba, Joe, and their son Co worked to provide American Craftsmanship to stores and homes across the United States. Some 50 years later, Bay Pottery has relocated a few times, refined its pieces and glazes, and is now in hundreds of homes and shops all over the country. Bay represents the American Dream and shows that valuing craftsmanship and hard work results in amazing accomplishments.

Union City, CA
Founder: Linh

When I learned about single use plastics and how devastating they were for the earth and our oceans, I was shocked but didn’t know where I could start to reduce my own use. Enter food, my favorite thing in the world and like most people I’ve been using plastic to wrap it up. I didn’t realize how much I was throwing away on a daily basis. I’m mindful about what I eat and the ingredients in the products I use, why not how I impact my environment?

I’m excited to share my product, Bee Lovely Beeswax Food Wraps, as an eco-conscious alternative to plastic wrap. It’s an easy way to help reduce the use of plastic in your kitchen. It’s a small change, that over time, can make a big difference.

Bee Lovely Beeswax Wraps are handcrafted in California and made from all-natural beeswax, pine rosin, and organic jojoba oil all infused into an organic cotton cloth. Each ingredient used has its own properties that makes it an effective alternative to plastic wrap. Beeswax and pine rosin are natural sealants with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Jojoba oil lends flexibility to the wrap, has anti-fungal properties and does not ever go bad.

San Francisco, CA
Founder: Bonnie

Of Celtic, Calabrian and Slavic descent, Bonnie Rose Weaver strives to bring the beauty of the mountains and the wonder of the ocean’s tides to the wellbeing of her fellow urbanites. Born and raised in the city by the bay (occupied Ramaytush Ohlone land), her practice of herbalism focuses on access to and education about plant medicine.

Her/their work as a clinical herbalist and medicinal landscaper is interdisciplinary and is influenced by western and energetic herbalism, tarot, astrology, ancestral remembrance, and living on planet earth. Her/their work is informed by long bike rides, reading books, growing food, city living, flowers blooming, observing the seasons, watching sunsets, being sick, drinking tea, being angry, picking nettles, going to protests, watching the moon, watching the ocean and witnessing the interconnectedness of all things.

She is also an artist, working primarily with the mediums of pen, watercolor, digital design and clay. She is a sister, daughter, granddaughter, bike rider, cancer sun/virgo rising, English and Spanish speaking human.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Founder: Tara

When I was younger, my father used to buy us black greeting cards. At the time, I thought they were super corny but without fail, on every major holiday, he would give them to us with a black image gracing the cover and a message on the inside that I could relate to. The cards were sold at an independent black bookstore that closed down shortly after my mother moved us to California. I never forgot those cards or the way they made me feel growing up.

Since having my son, I've had a burning itch to bring those feelings back so that I could share them with him. The urge of wanting to recreate that and (re)inspire others with positive and relatable images of black people eventually overcame me.

While filling a void, I decided to spawn a personality that people could relate to; a voice that is honest, refreshing and real. I'm using advice and motivating/inspiring quotes that were offered to me. Even some of the influential people I meet will be written in this journey. Ultimately, this is the world illustrated and narrated by me.

Petrolia, CA
Founder: Nieves

I make a limited line of products, each one multi-functional and great for most skin types. My process is a blend of science, passion, and common sense using ingredients that are potent, simple, vegan, and organic when possible. I only make products that I absolutely love and can’t live without.

Environmental awareness and social justice are guiding principals in all our business decisions. That’s why everything is made by hand, in-house with local labor, using low-footprint, recyclable packaging. We strive to work with other ethical companies for our supplies often spending more for these choices.

Western Massachusetts
Founder: Dori

I practice community-based intuitive healing that weaves plant and stone medicine, ancestral and queer magic, and justice work. Drawing on my training as a spiritual counselor and herbalist, as well as my ancestral lineages (sephardi/ashkenazi Jewish), I ground my healing work in a commitment to collective liberation and self-determinism. I believe working with the invisible is an inherently radical practice and that magic has the capacity to help us break the spells cast by systems of oppression. My work and life are inspired by and supported by  a web of teachers, healers, artists, dreamers and witches rooted in Disability and Healing Justice, earth-based diasporic Judaism, and queer liberation.

I live on occupied Pocumtuc/Nipmuc territory, also known as Western Massachusetts, where I teach, create ritual, make potions, and maintain a local and distance healing practice.

Oakland, CA

Emma is the book momma and editor of Dating Between the Lines. She loves writing, dancing, fostering community, and making to-do lists. Emma is a Boston transplant living it up in Oakland, CA.

Puja is the illustrator of Dating Between the Lines. She creates incredible art when no one is watching, wowing everyone. She loves illustrating, acting, and being a dope barista. She makes the best almond milk mocha in the world, no exaggeration. Puja hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and currently resides in Oakland, CA.

Nashville, TN
Founder: Haleigh

It all started in 2014 when I had a grand idea to upcycle the glass my husband and I were picking up from restaurants and business for our Nashville based recycling company. I began de-labeling bottles in my kitchen, cutting the tops off the bottles and sanding the edges in my garage. I would then recycle wax from old candles by digging out the leftover wax, melting the wax combinations down in a double boiler and then pouring the concoction into my upcycled glass bottles!

When I was finding myself with too many glass bottles and not enough wax, I decided to really dive into the world of candle making. I researched all of the different waxes, oil combinations, scent options, and wick varieties. I knew I needed to create a candle that reflected my passion for the environment and all-natural living, which is why I decided on beeswax candles scented with essential oils and wicked with organic braided cotton.

Each candle has been mindfully formulated and hand poured with love to inspire the perfect atmosphere - I hope you love them just as much as we do!

Oakland, CA
Founder: Janice

I'm Janice, the artist behind Everyday Elemental.
Nature and curiosity have always been my inspiration and they drive my work. When I'm not making jewelry, I can be found exploring wild (and some not-so-wild) places around the world, watching for stones - special colors or textures that catch my eye. While I do buy some stones, the ones I shape and polish from raw materials are my favorites.

Back in my studio I sketch jewelry designs, joining my own creativity with a stone’s natural flash of light or beautiful color. I work primarily in silver - cutting, shaping, soldering and polishing - all by hand. Sometimes I forgo jewelry altogether to create textile art, photographs, and paintings.

Grass Valley, CA
Founder: Rachel

Continuing a family legacy of herbalists and natural healers, Fat and the Moon founder Rachel Budde has built her company around providing handcrafted, herbal body care products to those seeking natural and effective alternatives to chemical-filled products. Like a witch over a cauldron, Budde experiments with age-old ingredients and recipes passed down from various healing traditions to craft innovatively simple products that are good for the body and the earth.

F&M, at its core, is about healing:

Healing is reflected in the way we choose to do business, in right relationship with people and plants. We work with plants that are abundant, ethically harvested and organically cultivated and combine them in formulations that are radically non-toxic. Our priority is to use reusable, recyclable containers, and to minimize superfluous packaging.

Healing is reflected in our wholehearted support of Self Care and Self Love which stands in opposition to the pervasive message that something is inherently wrong with us, and that we need a product to fix it. We see the beauty in all bodies, all backgrounds, all ethnicities, all races and all genders. Our potions are mediums of empowerment through self care.

Healing is in the intimate connection we have with our products; each one is handmade to order by one of our incredible makers. Along with our founding herbalist, our team consists of a budding herbalist, a practicing herbalist, a talented baker and an esthetician. We provide nourishing products because we are nourished by making them.

Nevada City & Oakland, CA
Founder: Trinity

Field Day emerged from the desire to make timeless, impeccably crafted clothing from completely conscious materials that transcend trendy and were made to make history.

We design for the Womxn who inspire us. Womxn who like the feeling of earth between their fingers. Cool winter breezes and hot summer river dips. Who aren’t afraid to strike out on their own, and dress for uncharted days of spontaneous adventures.

 We want you to feel good about what you wear.  Field Day designs are flattering, comfortable, and made from reclaimed and locally-sourced materials.  Our entire line is designed, cut, sewn, dyed and finished in Oakland, CA.  We believe in tailored clothing you can move and breathe in, and that no dress is complete without pockets. Founder Trinity Cross has been designing our classic silhouettes for the modern woman since establishing field day in 2005.

Northern CA
Founder: Elisabeth

Fine Arzt is two entities: a sustainable sculpture service that turns partially removed trees, aka stumps, or salvaged wood into large scale custom works of art AND a jewelry design company that comprises of sustainable and recycled .925 sterling silver pieces. I combine both woodworking and metalsmithing, both of my favorite trades, and reinvent a waste material into something that is to be cherished and be a focal point. I source my materials sustainably, and my goal for each piece is structural rigidity; each piece is timeless and not following a specific trend: I want it to last for generations. Jewelry allows me to combine all of these mediums I have been exploring all of my life. My art background and skill-set experience is broad, I consider my work in jewelry, in illustration, and in wood carving to go hand in hand.

San Diego, CA
Founder: Jonnie

Grey Theory Mill carved out their place in the world with their tiny stamped statement earrings that continue to spark laughter & eye rolls from coast to coast. Stamped-sassy-sayings aside, they also aim to curate cohesive jewelry collections that merge simple, edgy, hypoallergenic, & timeless design with high quality + ethically sourced materials at accessible price points. Grey Theory Mill is a brand with the everyday woman in mind.

I consider myself an entrepreneur with a passion for creating experiences for people like yourself through wearable & attainable art. It brings me so much joy to make, but it is the greatest honor when a product I've made becomes apart of someone else's everyday, so thank you.

Chapel Hill, NC
Founder: Hana

Hana Moriah is a California native, currently living in beautiful North Carolina. Raised in Northern California, her work has been influenced by her father, a local and well-known inlay artist, along with years of exploring and working in the California festival culture.

Having recently studied at Sterling Quest, in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Hana is excited to bring new energy and styles to her work.

As a passionate and modern Renaissance woman, Hana’s work embraces a ‘fusion’ approach, believing beauty and novelty come from blending techniques, cultural influences, geometric patterns, shape and form.

Las Vegas, NV
Founder: Laura

Founded 2015, HENNÉ'S vision was to introduce a splash of ecoluxury into the everyday. 

We've taken a modern and minimalistic approach that replaces standard lip care products with something extrordinary.

“HENNE”, which means "her" in Swedish, is a dedication to the modern woman while also paying homage to the brand's Swedish roots.

Exquisite. Organic. Made in the USA.

Seattle, WA
Founders: Julia & Alexander

Every ingredient that we include in our products is there for a specific therapeutic reason. We do not use fillers of any kind, meaning that almost every ingredient in our products is an “active” ingredient. This results in pure, highly concentrated, and effective formulas that are a rarity in the skincare and cosmetics world today. All of our formulas are original, created and tested by us, on real people — never on animals and always from scratch. All of our products have an emphasis on organic, high quality, and food-grade ingredients.

Knowing that everything we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies, we ethically source the finest raw natural materials the earth has to offer. With ingredients ranging from French pink clay to Brazilian gemstones, we formulate treatments that combine essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality.

In addition to creating products that give you noticeable results, we also create our products with personal rejuvenation and a little indulgence in mind. We believe that daily bathing and skincare rituals should be enjoyable — a way to carve out some much-needed downtime in your hectic routine. From thoughtfully designed packaging and labels that really allow our ingredients to shine through, to intoxicating scents and luxurious textures, we truly want you to love your skincare and bathing routines.

Chicago, IL
Founder: Raven

Heron and Lamb Collective is a jewelry collection born out of Chicago that is inspired by the natural world and the excavation of ancient artifacts. The collections evoke feelings of nostalgia and romanticism, and wabi sabi design,  while facets from geology, nature, and archaeological discoveries strongly echo sentiments throughout each series. 

Founder Raven Locadia began production behind Heron and Lamb in 2010 and has since amassed a broad range of self-taught techniques and skills, such as glasswork, metalsmithing, resin casting, and stone inlaying, which has brought forth a unique and growing diversity to each collection. "I'm deeply inspired by geology and archaeology," Locadia says. " The construction and functionality behind excavated vessels has always been something I've wanted to incorporate in my work. Each shape had it's own unique purpose that contributed to a way of life."  

The preservation of natural materials and the lore behind crystals and ancient vessels are reoccurring themes. "I'm learning more about the properties of crystals and apart from being struck by their individual beauty, the significance and properties behind stones allows me to make something that is extremely personal to the wearer."

Inspired to create jewelry that can transcend generations and serve as a relic for each individual wearer, Locadia is driven to create sturdy statement pieces and miniature renditions of some of the larger classics.  The one-of-a-kind USA-sourced stones are carefully selected and each hand-formed vessel is artfully constructed into wearable art, creating a hybrid of luxury craft brewed with a raw yet refined aesthetic.

Long Beach, CA
Founder: Jacob

Musical instrument maker Jacob Sokoloff has been making his precision tuned wind chimes for about 35 years. Best known for his hugely popular Car Charms (often just called “car chimes”), Jacob’s first chimes were the “Traditional” series. These wood and metal wind chimes make peaceful and relaxing music in the wind, are 100% weather proof and lifetime guaranteed.

In 1998 Jacob’s Musical Chimes introduced its first “miniature” windchimes, made of solid aluminum pipes hung from whimsical shapes such as hummingbirds, cats, dragonflies, fairies, butterflies, angels and many more (the hummingbird wind chimes, dragonfly wind chimes and fairy wind chimes remain the most popular). These affordable windchimes also made beautiful music, and Jacob’s customers accepted them with open arms (and ears!).

Long Beach, CA
Founder: Jess

Weymouth developed a particular interest in solar systems and galaxies as she found herself being hummed to sleep by the sound of our Mother Ocean and the movement of Her tides. She quickly became fascinated with the relation of our moon to our vast bodies of Water, and how the waning phases affect humanity — not only physically but also emotionally - as well as the chemistry behind our human nature and Mother Nature, how we influence one another in this orbit called life. Weymouth hopes to bring forth unique perspectives on nature and to inspire a subtle shift of nurture towards our Mother.

Brooklyn, NY
Founder: Kaye

Kaye Blegvad is an illustrator and artist, born & raised in London, now living in Brooklyn. Her work is primarily drawing based, but made across a variety of media including metalwork, textiles, and ceramics. She has a particular interest in creating artworks that are also functional objects, such as homewares, jewelry, lighting, and furniture.

Half Moon Bay, CA
Founders: Kris & Kim

We’re Kris and Kim, sisters who grew up in the Southwest playing with beads, rocks and metal. We design jewelry that’s part Bohemian, part modernism, part in-your-face statement. Kind of like Alexander Calder meets Dolly Parton.

As kids our mom, an artist and teacher, took us on road trips throughout the Southwest desert during the summer. She sold her creations at art shows and that sparked our inspiration to create. In the early 2000s, we were living in San Francisco and Kris started making jewelry to give as gifts, which led to selling her creations to local SF stores.

We attended our first tradeshow in Las Vegas. We drove there from San Francisco with the booth strapped to the top of our car. Our setup was so complicated we were the first ones there and last to leave. We worked desk jobs by day and at night we made jewelry and packed boxes, which quickly filled our S.F. Mission loft. Then Daily Candy discovered us and we realized we had something big on our hands. Now we’re a full blown operation of killer women in Half Moon Bay, Calif.

Santa Cruz, CA
Founder: Michelle

Many winters ago, I was pregnant and feeling creative and deadicated to hand-making all of my holiday gifts.  So I got a big pot of beeswax, some flowers I had pressed, and started dipping in my kitchen.  The response was inspiring.  With the support of family and friends, my cottage creations grew into a sustainable adventure.

I am still at home in the Santa Cruz Mountains, hand-dipping each candle in the sacred beeswax and growing, picking and pressing each organic flower.  So every candle is made and packaged with care and intention and a bit of my son's energy - when Janga was about two, he came out back and sweetly told me "Mommy, you're making laughing candles,"   --And so we were named.

Basking Ridge, NJ
Founder: Michele

Michele Lee is a designer and printer and much of her creative inspiration comes from music, memories and funny and irreverent things. Her first fun gig was painting a pep rally banner for her high school class. It featured many peace signs, some variation of the Woodstock bird on a guitar, the original Kiss members, glitter paint and blob lettering. It was not sports or school related but her class thought it was pretty neat (maybe even cool).

Years later, having learned letterpress in New York City and screen printing from old art class instructions, Lucky Horse Press was born with the mission to create general happiness for all. Michele makes all of the printed goods available in the shop from her studio in the Garden State, where some of the best things in life are easily accessible—beaches, yard sales and bowling alleys.

Oakland, CA
Founder: Lynn & Brad

Meridian Jewelry & Design features handmade designer jewelry by Lynn and Brad Olander, creating unique pieces with semi-precious materials of sterling silver, vermeil, & mixed metals with gem stones, pearls, & eclectic materials in their Oakland, California studio. They create designer lines with an artisan flair for an innovative approach to accessorizing. Owners and designers, Brad and Lynn are California natives, who are simultaneously carrying on the rich artistic traditions of the SF Bay Area, while pushing the boundaries of wearable fashion. The Olanders are design experts who continue to reinvent their look, staying relevant with the current styles, while keeping true to their core design identity. Meridian Jewelry is featured in fine museums, galleries and boutiques.

San Mateo, CA
Founder: Levi Leigh

Ms. Tea is a small batch apothecary created by Levi Leigh Barringer, a queer herbalist and artist who weaves science, arts and intuition to craft new forms of folk medicine for collective care. They prioritize ethically sourced ingredients, fresh bioregional plants, fungi and essences. They reside on Ramaytush Ohlone land, on the biodiverse Pacific coast in so-called California. They're committed to education around the harms of wildcrafting & cultural appropriation

They offer whole plant medicine: artisan botanical elixirs, alcohol free tinctures, hydrosols, essences, teas and skin care. They practice slow, intentional herbalism to help folks reconnect with the deep magic of the land.

They practice bioregional herbalism and craft botanical remedies on the biodiverse Pacific coast in so-called California. They are proud to support local farmers and herb folk in the Pacific Northwest and prioritize ethically sourced ingredients harvested at peak potency under guidance of solar and lunar cycles.

Portland, OR
Founder: Ainsley

Palate Polish is a one woman force of nature, making 10-free nail polish. The unique formula was born of trial and error. Now there is a Palate Polish base formula that is mixed and poured in small batches in a warehouse here in the USA.Ainsley loved to paint her nails and had always been into food (she used to run a food blog and still has a mainly food Instagram account: @mylittleartichoke) – and thought why not combine them? First and foremost her goal was to create a health conscious product that was entirely produced in the US and all the names would be inspired by food.

San Bruno, CA
Founder: Cindy

Cindy is the owner, designer, and creative director of Paper Parasol Press. She has worked in the greeting card industry as both a designer and production artist for years. in 2014, she moved from Chicago to the San Francisco Bay Area and went full time with Paper Parasol Press, dragging her Vandercook #3 press in a Budget truck the entire 2,148 miles. The SF Bay is now home. 

Cindy also works as a freelance visual designer. Solving design issues and creating fun products is her jam. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Andrew, and dog, Rey. 

She is a fan of mid-century design, flea markets, and road trips. Her dream is to one day own a roadside attraction, build a tiki bar in her backyard, and become somewhat fluent in Spanish.

Spring Valley, CA
Founder: Lindsay

Rainbow Waters was founded back in 2005 when I was a young stay-at-home-mom to two children looking for a way to feed my creative soul.  From that strong desire to have a happy little place to throw my creative energy while still being able to remain home with my children, Rainbow Waters was born. 

My vision has always been to create colorful playful high quality pieces that allow you and your children to express themselves.  All of our products are still made in our little home studio by myself and a team of on-demand local seamstresses who step in when our workload gets heavy.

Penrose, CO
Founder: Laura

Rootfoot is an extension of how I connect with the universe; I believe all the steps in my life have been guiding me closer to understanding my purpose. Rootfoot project began in 2008 after a year-long powerful yoga training of focused meditation, pranyama, and spirit work. At that point I was 25 and felt fully aligned with my truth and ready to listen to what was being called to me. I've found that I seek to pay reverence to nature and the beauty of all existence, and to provide ways for others to connect with this as well. I remain open to receive wisdom from nature, ancestors, and universal conciousness for my personal transformation and in order to offer effective mechanisms for connection. The main message that I am receiving from the universe is that we are nature. We are natural. All we have to do is remember.

Rootfoot is thoughtfully-crafted pure plant fragrances and organic & wildcrafted essential oils that connect us to plants and the earth. Meditated in the sun-soaked forests and high desert of Colorado, Rootfoot exists to bring reverence to the natural world in the context of contemporary ritual. Our products are high-grade, high-vibrational tools for healing, transformation, and consciousness. 

Creating an intentional practice with Rootfoot entails learning to quiet the mind in order to feel subtle energies, develop connection to yourself and the universe, strengthen self-awareness, and find harmony. These tools offer ways to listen to plants to expand awareness and harmonize mind &

All of our products are completely plant-based, non-toxic, vegan, made of organic and wildcrafted ingredients. We work directly with organic farms and eco projects to create the most intentional offerings through methods that support the vitality of the earth.

Los Angeles, CA
Founder: Rachel

Snakeroot apothecary was started as a herb+art project in 2014 as “snake oil magic potions.” In 2016 I began working with clients and I switched over to “snakeroot,” inspired by an east coast plant friend & with my clinical work in mind. Snake medicine, as I was taught by Karyn Sanders of the Blue Otter School, works with changing our patterns. The work of Snakeroot Apothecary is about getting to the root of our imbalances & changing the patterns of what is not serving us.

My first big moment to learn from the plants was in Big Sur, California. I moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from quite a traumatized state and somehow ended up on a goat farm in the mountains. Suddenly i was 18 years old and living on an isolated mountain above the fog line. I began to listen. I connected deeply with manzanita and madrone. Suddenly I was relearning and remembering how to communicate with and learn from animals, plants, rocks and other elements of the earth. In the stillness the more-than-humans spoke clearly & I was lucky to have these years of presence which gave me the ability to hear.

Today I am walking my path and purpose as a clinical herbalist. My work is rooted in social justice, harm reduction, anti-oppression with the belief that healing work is not only for the individual but an act of healing for the world (including animals, plants, stones, etc..). we work to heal ourselves for everybody. 

I am currently living in the Santa Monica mountains of Topanga, California. Occupied Chumash & Tongva land. Amongst the Southern California coastal biodiversity I spend my mornings with hummingbird sage, catalina mariposa lilies, woolly blue curls, and more friends.

McKinleyville, CA
Founders: Steen & Jonathan

Born in America's National Parks as a supplier of live redwoods with interpretive packaging, The Jonsteen Company has grown to serve a diverse array of clients, from individuals and small independent retailers to major public relations firms and Fortune 500 companies on all kinds of tree projects, large and small. More than just a wholesale tree grower, Jonsteen is known for creatively packaging its trees for a variety of markets and purposes; for teaching about trees and their many benefits to people and the planet; and for supporting, in perpetuity, the folks giving, selling, and growing its trees.

At its founding, Jonsteen committed to spread a message of respect for our environment, and a love of trees. We dedicated ourselves to teaching about the manifold benefits that trees bring to our planet, our communities, and our lives individually and collectively. And though that was more than 25 years ago, we are more convinced than ever that by caring about our planet and the life in it, by understanding our connectedness, a better, brighter future will be born. That’s the reason we work hard every day to make Jonsteen a tree company that cares for the planet and everyone that loves to be alive.

Augusta, GA
Founder: Leela

The Rainbow Vision was started as a hobby by Leela Hoehn in 2012 and then became "official" in 2017. We are deeply inspired by strong artists and thinkers and are driven to help others trust in their full creative potential. This is the motivation behind everything we design for The Rainbow Vision; we want you to feel inspired. We want to make beautiful tools that remind you of your own magic, and to help you design an intentional life.

At The Rainbow Vision we design simple to use planners, journals, notebooks and more to help you manifest your creative journey. 

Leela grew up next to the Savannah River in Augusta, GA - home of the Godfather of Soul and many restless ghosts. She graduated with a BA in English Literature, and has always practiced and studied visual art. Growing up she spent a lot of time talking to animals and drawing picture books of her dog Maggie having various adventures. She would then try to sell said picture books to her family for $.25. Since she was a child Leela has been been fascinated with the creative energy of business building, and its powerful potential to change the world for the better. 

When she's not busy planning for The Rainbow Vision, Leela studies the rich topic that is archetypes and is working towards becoming a certified Archetypal Consultant via the CMED institute. She is trained as a Level 2 Reiki healer and is always deepening her practice in energetic work, including ancestral and shamanic healing.

St. Petersburg, FL
Founder: Dan & Gianna

We make beautiful laser cut and engraved items based on antique illustrations. We currently have magnets, ornaments, and jewelry.

We work hard to find interesting and unique images to dress up your home. We laser cut everything in house and have high quality control standards so that you will receive a great quality item. We want you to love your purchase and tell your friends about us.

Sacramento, CA
Founder: Leyna

Leyna Allred grew up in rural Northern California and was perpetually digging in the mud, climbing trees, and imagining living off the land. With this penchant for natural living as kindling, an interest in the medicinal qualities of plants was ignited and she bought every herbal book she could find, completely engrossed in the simple recipes for liver tonics, healing ointments, and cleansing teas. In 2013 she discovered the power of herbs and botanicals, simultaneously becoming aware of the toxic nature of the beauty industry. URB APOTHECARY (pronounced "herb") sprang out of a passion project and has blossomed into Leyna's vision for bringing the healing power of plants into daily beauty and grooming rituals, reconnecting individuals to their own natural beauty and while being mindful of their environmental impact. Every product is intentionally made in her studio in Sacramento, CA and she places the highest importance on sourcing materials from only the purest quality fair-trade, organic, and local suppliers, ensuring that each product is not only improving the life of the customer but also being socioeconomically conscious.

Los Angeles, CA

Concrete is always considered as a cold pale construction material. But Uno Atelier aims to change that understanding by transforming that cold material into colorful, warm decorative objects. 

The company was founded by a industrial designer who has also experience in graphic design.  Her hobby turned into her passion by taking time away from screens and creating during her daily life. Our founder combines her background in industrial design with her passion of creating decorative objects out of concrete.

Every object made in Uno atelier is created locally in Los Angeles with design in mind.

Fredrick, MD
Founder: Desiree

Mother of two teenage Kings. A Momtrepreneur. My family is everything. Accountant by owner every other minute of the day. I love all things metaphysical...especially the things that happen in the cosmos. I am a triple Virgo (sun, moon, and ascendant) so I am a super introverted perfectionist loner. My brand is build out of my love for jewelry, style and metaphysics. I love this journey.

All pieces are designed with intention, purpose and LOVE. All pieces are intended to raise your VIBRATION.

Berkeley, CA
Founder: Lorrin

Wanderite is a cosmic design studio founded by Lorrin Webb. Founded on eco-consciousness, sustainability and a deep reverence for individual alignment with the cosmos, we create in order to connect. 

All designs are illustrated by hand and represented in multi-faceted botanical + mineral forms, with a passionate emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. Born out of a love for travel and the magic + mysteries it reveals. 

Formerly nomadic, we are now based in Berkeley, California.

Lenoir, NC
Founder: Lauren

It’s hard to believe While Odin Sleeps began in 2011, almost a decade ago. It started out, aside from keeping her spacey mind and antsy hands busy, as a way to stay nomadic. But as time passed and WOS grew, she needed help to keep up and new tools to materialize new ideas. She also met her partner Scott (a musician and machinist from Virginia), and together they bought a home in Western NC and are raising two dogs. Above all else, Lauren is so grateful of the While Odin Sleeps customers and community that allows her to create, flourish and grow.

I'm a maker! How can I work with you as a retailer?

We are currently accepting a limited number of new wholesale and consignment agreements, prioritizing local Oakland BIPOC makers. 

If you are interested in having your goods carried in the store, please send a line sheet to We will respond within one week with next steps. 

Unfortunately, we don't have the budget to bring in as many makers as we would like to this year, so please don't be discouraged if the answer is 'not now'. We will keep you in mind and reach out as space and budget allows.