Aloe & Ivy Wooden Wick Soy Candle

Aloe & Ivy Wooden Wick Soy Candle

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Aloe and Ivy captures the smell of walking into your neighborhood floral shop. With its blend of watery aloe, ivy, and moss, it's perfect for those who love earthy green scents.

Top: Aloe
Middle: Chrysanthemum + Ivy
Base: Moss

Each candle is handmade by a team of two in San Francisco, CA.

These 3.2 oz candles are perfect travel candles and are great for small spaces, desks, and bathrooms.

— 100% Soy wax grown and created in the USA.
— Unique fragrance oil blends enhanced with essentials oils
— Crackling wooden wick. Sounds like a mini fireplace when lit!
— Amber Glass jar

Candle Care: On your first burn, make sure to burn the candle for at least 2 hours so the melt pool reaches the glass on all sides of the jar. In other words, make sure to melt the entire first layer. This will help you get the most out of your candle!

Wick Care: Wooden wicks can be tricky, so it’s important to take steps to care for them! After your first burn, make sure the wick is trimmed to around 1/8th of an inch for every consecutive burn. You can achieve this by either pinching or trimming the curled part of the wooden wick. Make sure not to remove the entire black part of the wick! We recommend either pinching the wick with your fingers or trimming the wick with a nail clipper or wick trimmer to remove the curled black portion of the wick.

Candle Safety: Never leave burning candles unattended. Keep away from children and pets. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time. You can reference this information on the candle safety label on the bottom of each candle.

Happy burning! :)