Deep Breath Tisane
Deep Breath Tisane

Deep Breath Tisane

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A wildfire season friend & soothing respiratory tonic for opening space to breathe deep, soothe the airways through dryness & smoky skies, restore frayed edges & cool down excess heat.

I first crafted this herbal tea in 2020 for nourishing the lungs & finding a moment’s ease amidst climate chaos & the ambient grief that settled in for so many.

I formulated this blend with some of my most trusted cooling nervines like milky oats, linden, skullcap & lemon balm to support softening & restore energy when much of the world feels unbearable or overwhelming.

Rather than employ the usual drying herbs, I chose neutral aromatic herbs like elderflower, anise hyssop & spearmint to gently loosen & move respiratory stagnation & transform patterns of grief held in the lungs.

Lastly, I made sure to include moistening herbs like marshmallow, licorice, violet & hibiscus to balance out any dryness from aromatic herbs, nourish the heart space & offer mineralizing support.

Energetics overall are cooling, uplifting & neutral in moisture. Flavor is aromatic, earthy & slightly floral. Personally I really enjoy this blend as an airy triple Libra & dry-tending former smoker whose relationship to smoke medicine & breath & respiratory health in particular has shifted a lot over the years.


(all organic) marshmallow leaf & flower, oatstraw & tops, violet leaf, linden leaf & flower, hibiscus roselle, licorice root, anise hyssop leaf & flower, skullcap leaf & flower, lemon balm leaf, catnipleaf, spearmint leaf, elderflower, plantain leaf

Add 1 cup hot water to 1 Tbsp herbs. Steep 10-15 min for a standard brew or 1 hour for a more medicinal infusion. Strain and enjoy hot or cold. Makes 16-20 cups.

1 oz ∽ 28 g


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