Goth Drops Earrings
Goth Drops Earrings
Goth Drops Earrings

Goth Drops Earrings

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Deep red garnets and silver sheen obsidian make a dramatic, if not a little gothy, combination. Wear them with too much eyeliner while you listen to The Cure.

Crafted with traditional metal working techniques in West Oakland from ethically sourced materials



garnet, silver-sheen obsidian, sterling silver, fine silver

While most people think of garnets as a gem with a transparent, deep red appearance, there are actually a few different kinds. Differences in color and level of transparency are due to the different chemical compositions of the crystals. The warm-colored red and orange garnets most often found in jewelry contain aluminum while garnets in other colors, such as green, yellow and pink, contain calcium instead.

Obsidian is a naturally occurring form of glass that occurs along the edges of lava flows as they cool. Usually black, obsidian can sometimes have a metallic sheen caused by small particles of other minerals baked into the glass.

Silver, oh silver. This lustrous white metal is amazing - more reflective than gold, more conductive than copper and just plain gorgeous. When used for jewelry, silver is mixed with copper or zinc to provide more durability and reduce tarnishing. Fine silver is 99.9% silver while sterling silver is 92.5%. Other alloys are used for specific processes, such as reticulation (80% silver). All silver will tarnish over time, but can be easily cleaned and polished.