Lovers Lane Farm Honey

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Premium artisanal, US Grade A honey from a small, family run homestead based in the hills of Ukiah, CA. 

Available in three types: 


Flavor: Aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and toasted grains lead to sweet flavors of rich butter and oven-fresh bread

Main Floral Contributors: Yellow & White Sweet Clover, Alfalfa

Pair with: Mild cheese such as feta or manchego, fresh fruit, oven-fresh bread. Great for baking


Flavor: Warm aromas of mulling spice lead to flavors of candied orange, baking spice and cooked stone fruit

Main Floral Contributors: Vetch, Blackberry, Toyon & Pennyroyal

Pair with: Blue cheeses, almond butter & toast, candied nuts


Pure, unfiltered - 24oz.