Lovers Lane Farm Honey

Lovers Lane Farm Honey

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Premium artisanal, US Grade A honey from a small, family run homestead based in the hills of Ukiah, CA. 

Available in three types: 


Flavor: Aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and toasted grains lead to sweet flavors of rich butter and oven-fresh bread

Main Floral Contributors: Yellow & White Sweet Clover, Alfalfa

Pair with: Mild cheese such as feta or manchego, fresh fruit, oven-fresh bread. Great for baking


Flavor: Warm aromas of mulling spice lead to flavors of candied orange, baking spice and cooked stone fruit

Main Floral Contributors: Vetch, Blackberry, Toyon & Pennyroyal

Pair with: Blue cheeses, almond butter & toast, candied nuts


Pure, unfiltered - 24oz. 


Disclaimer: These honeys are raw and include no additives, filtration or exposure to excessive heat. Raw honey should not be fed to infants and should be consumed intentionally by adults aware of any possible risks.