Royalty Ring
Royalty Ring
Royalty Ring

Royalty Ring

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In ancient Rome, purple porphyry was considered sacred and its use restricted to emperors and their families. You don't need to be royal to wear this modern porphyry ring, but you might feel like you are.

This particular stone was shaped by hand from a slab of raw stone. Two geometric silver shapes frame the oval-shaped porphyry asymmetrically. A darkly oxidized channel emphasizes the border between the shapes and the stone. A shiny bezel and double banded shank complete the picture.

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sterling silver, fine silver, porphyry in basalt

Porphyry is a description of a texture rather than of a stone itself. It is characterized by clusters of crystals, often plaglioclase, embedded within a larger rock. This particular stone has porphyritic clusters within black basalt.