Sango (珊瑚) Pendant
Sango (珊瑚) Pendant
Sango (珊瑚) Pendant

Sango (珊瑚) Pendant

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Sango means "coral" in Japanese, which is appropriate because this piece was collected from a beach in Japan. It grew, lived and died in the East China Sea. Now it rises again to be worn with a shiny hammer-textured copper sun as a dramatic statement pendant. We recommend wearing this one on a long chain - your choice of 24 or 30 inch sterling silver. 

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copper, coral

Coral isn't really a rock at all, but instead is the calcified remains of marine invertebrates. Found in oceans throughout the world, corals are one of the first victims of water pollution. In recent years, massive die-offs have been reported, leaving bleached-white coral corpses.

A portion of each purchase of coral jewelry is donated the Ocean Conservancy to help preserve and protect this magical ecosystem.