Sun Kissed Lips Balm
Sun Kissed Lips Balm

Sun Kissed Lips Balm

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Meet your new summer bff —a moisturizing balm to give your lips & skin the hydrating hug of a cool mountain stream ☀️

Hypericum {st. j’s wort} blooms along subalpine rivers on the summer solstice, harnessing the sun’s powerful rays. The tiny perforations covering the plant are a signature of its efficacy in treating puncture wounds, along with its light bearing nature, transforming our inner flame into outward expression. When used regularly as a topical oil or balm, hypericum has been shown to prevent sunburns and ease inflamed skin post sun exposure.

Calendula is another sun loving herb and one of the best wound healers to repair inflamed skin, nourish the lymph and prevent infection. This widely abundant garden loving plant is emblematic of the winter sun’s return, often blooming year-round and readily self-seeding.

Self-heal and plantain are amazing wound healers, both slightly mucilaginous with the ability to draw out heat and infection, soothe bites, cuts, stings and burns when used fresh in a poultice. In combination they cool and soften the porous membranes and lymph nodules around the mouth and promote healthy oral tissue.

Made from whole plants slow extracted in organic cold pressed oils to deeply nourish and moisturize your skin + lips before, during and after sun exposure. 100% natural and free of essential oils.


To use: Apply to chapped, sun kissed lips + skin as needed to relieve dryness, bites & burns. Store at room temperature.

(all organic california grown) st. joan’s wort (hypericum perforatum), calendula flowers, plantain leaf (plantago spp.), self-heal (prunella vulgaris), cold pressed olive oil, beeswax & shea butter

Fresh organic & local herbs. Harvested at peak potency. Cultivated in Northern California using sustainable farming practices. Lovingly handcrafted under the guidance of stars, sun and moon.


Compostable tube: 0.3 fl oz ~ 9 ml


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