This is Oakland - Paperback
This is Oakland - Paperback
This is Oakland - Paperback

This is Oakland - Paperback

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This is Oakland: A Guide to the City's Most Interesting Places is a stylish city guide book that informs, entertains, and inspires. The book profiles 90 of the most interesting places to visit in Oakland, CA- from cafes to boutiques- and the innovators who own them. This book is, of course, for anyone who lives in or is visiting Oakland or the San Francisco Bay Area and wants to know where to go for food, drink, shopping or just plain fun. Perhaps more importantly, though, this book is for anyone across the country, who is inspired by creative thought and the pioneering spirit. Oakland's restaurants are trend-setting, and its shops are getting national attention. People who want to know what's next are looking to Oakland. This book offers them a glimpse inside.

Editorial Reviews:

"Melissa Davis has assembled a book on Oakland full of gorgeous photos, prime spots (some secret, some proudly obvious), and much more. It's enough to make a die-hard San Franciscan like myself seriously ponder throwing in the towel and doing the unthinkable-packing up a U-Haul and moving to the other side of the bridge."

-Sara Deseran, editor-at-large, San Francisco magazine

"Stylish, vibrant, diverse, and cool, this book perfectly captures the essence of Oakland. It's a love letter to its people and places and, above all, its creative energy. You'll want to discover each and every one of the unique and wonderfully homespun businesses profiled in its pages. Here's to a city that just keeps on getting better."

-Irene Edwards, Executive Editor, Lonny magazine

"This book showcases the coolest spots in Oakland today. Whether you're a local or an occasional visitor, you're sure to discover some amazing hidden gems."

-Anh-Minh Le, Editor-in-Chief, Anthology magazine