Winter Herbs Bandana
Winter Herbs Bandana
Winter Herbs Bandana
Winter Herbs Bandana
Winter Herbs Bandana

Winter Herbs Bandana

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Our favorite collection of the 'Herbs of Winter' (selected with help from all of you following along on Instagram - thank you!) 

Adorn your altar, wall, or roll it up and bring it along for your traveling altar.
All herbs are drawn by hand by herbalist / artist Lorrin, and are intended to guide, uplift and support your journey through the winter portal.

WILDFLOWER seed paper sleeve you can plant in your garden = zero waste + flowers!


Dyed by hand in small batches with plants - colors may vary.

Approx. 17" x 17"

Organic cotton. Raw edge.

US Made. Drawn by hand and printed with eco-friendly inks on organic cotton in Virginia, then stitched + dyed + packaged with love.


Herbs of Winter:


immune-booster, cold & flu preventative, winter tonic

Turkey Tail
immunity & anti-inflammatory

cold prevention

warming, digestive tonic, cold & flu support

Star Anise
warming, anti-bacterial / anti-fungal

sore throat, immune-booster

St. John's Wort
depression remedy, mood lifter, seasonal mental health support

warming, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory

relaxing, stress-reliever



  • Wanderite bandanas are intentionally smaller than "normal" size cotton bandanas. 
  • Wanderite bandanas are pre-shrunk, lightweight cotton, and get softer with time. Gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry. Steaming relaxes fabric up to size if any shrinking occurs if using a low heat dryer. 
  • Intentional raw edge has been stitched to not unravel, but edges may need to be trimmed in the first few washes. 
  • Wanderite bandanas existed long before Covid-19, and in addition to face coverings, can be used as altar cloths, wall hangings, hair ties, cloth napkins & more. 

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